Sunday, 18 March 2012

Differences between Java5 and Java6

Also known as  Tiger
Also known as  Mustang
<! Generics—Provides compile-time type safety for collections and eliminates the need for casting every time you get an object out of Collections.
<! Enhanced For loop—Eliminates error-proneness of iterators.
<!-Autoboxing/unboxing—Eliminates need of manual conversion between primitive types (such as double) and wrapper types (such as Double).
<! Typesafe enumsProvides all benefits of the Typesafe enum pattern.
<! Static import—Eliminates the need for using class names prior to using the static member variables of other classes. This will make the code a bit neater.
<! Metadata—Allows  programmers to avoid writing boiler plate code and gives the opportunity for declarative programming.
JSR (14,175)
<! Annotation Processing API (JSR 269)
<! Common Annotations (JSR 250)
<! Java API for XML Based Web Services - 2.0 (JSR 224)
     JAXB 2.0 (JSR 222)
<!-Web Services Metadata (JSR 181)
<!-Streaming API for XML (JSR 173)
<!-XML Digital Signature (JSR 105)
<!-Java Class File Specification Update (JSR 202)
<!-Java Compiler API (JSR 199)
<!-JDBC 4.0 (JSR 221)
<!-Scripting in the Java Platform (JSR 223)

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